Collaboration @ Seisen


Teaching Toolkit


We will add a list of the teaching tools we used during the workshop here for you to refer to.


Two Truths and a Lie

Come up with two things that are true about yourself, and one thing that is a lie. Share with others and try to discover which are true and which is the lie

T Chart

Landmark Partners

Choose 4 locations or key concepts of a unit you are inquiring into, and set up different partners to discuss ideas during the course of the unit.

Wall Wisher

Online tool for posting ideas like sticky notes on a whiteboard. Click here to make your own.

Success Criteria

Develop success criteria together with your students. This helps them become aware of what is expected of them, and values their participation and collaboration.

Burning Questions

Have a place for students to share their burning questions in class.

Y chart

What does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it feel like?


Create a placemat where members of a group write around the edges of a piece of paper, and then combine to create their shared understanding in the centre of the page.

2 Stars & a Wish

Write two positive comments and one thing that you would like improved for next time.

Jigsaw Reading

Get members of a group to read a section of a larger text, then come together to share what they read to develop an understanding of the whole text.

Visual Summarizing

Transferring understanding into a visual form that can be later be used to verbally to explain understanding to others.

Concentric Circles

Can be in various forms - bulls eye or sectioned - allows for people to locate where they think they 'are' or to relate / focus on different aspects.


Provides opportunity to solve real problems and deep conversation.

Substantive Conversation

Deep focussed conversations that are a gold mine for 'real' learning.

More True than False, More False than True

Discussions about statements that provide a formative assessment of conceptions and misconceptions.